The Trust has supported 10 students between 2011 and 2018.  4 of these have now graduated from University and have gone onto full time employment in the Engineering sector.  1 of our current students is studying for her Master degree and the remaining 5 are full time undergraduates.  Here are some comments on what the Trust has meant for them:

2011 Student 
"The support given by the Titan Engineering Trust throughout my time at university has been crucial, as it has meant that there is less pressure on me to work a lot of hours whilst at university. Being from Old Kilpatrick, travel costs to Glasgow University are significant, and the Titan bursary has helped greatly with this, as well as with the high costs of books for engineering subjects! The Trust's support has been very important to help with my progression at university". S
t Peter’s the Apostle High School former Pupil who graduated in July 2015

2012 Student
"Having access to this bursary has helped me very much throughout my years at university in many ways. Not having to worry as much about earning money allows me to spend extra time on my studies - as well as in extra-curricular activities including volunteering throughout the university. The bursary has also enabled me to take up the opportunity of a lifetime: next year I am planning on studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Thank you to The Titan Engineering Trust for helping me to make the most of my university experience.” 
Clydebank High School former Pupil who graduated in July 2016 with a First Class Degree and is now studying for her Masters.

2013 Student

"I am so grateful to yourselves for the bursary as being severely dyslexic I couldn’t cope with the work load and have a part-time job. I have had a really successful year and know I wouldn't have done as well if I had to cope with working too."  
Clydebank High School former Pupil who started her final year in September 2016

2015 Student
'Being part of the Titan Engineering Student Sponsorship Programme has given me the opportunity to carry out first year at university with confidence, courage and the ability to fully concentrate on my studies. Not only has this program allowed me the valuable time to study it has also brought me the wealth of knowledge and understanding from other students on the program through our meet up. This has proved invaluable in breaking down any fears or barriers I may have had in relation to first year exams. I would really like to thank Titan and I hope to be part of this program throughout my university life"  St Peter's the Apostle High former Pupil who completed her 1st year at Glasgow University in June 2016

The Trustees met with some of the students prior to their exams in April 2016

The Trustees met with 5 of our students in November 2017